A TV show

Our curiosity was piqued by this latest addition as during one teaser/trailer, husband saw one of his students in the “cast”. That being so, we made it a point to watch the first show and were dismayed more often than we were pleased.

No problem with husband’s former student. A jock he was described as. Then there was this 14 year old male at birth who doesn’t want to remain so, if one were to judge by the sway of his hips, the soft motions of his hands, etc. I have nothing against gays but to see one at such a young age is quite discomfiting.

A non-Christian was also part of the show. Fine with that but it begged for answers. Will she be wearing her burka throughout? Won’t there be activities and such contrary to her religion?

I was fast losing interest and decided to lie on my side, ergo I couldn’t see what was going on although I could hear voices.

Then husband  raised the question: what kind of values are they promoting? An 18-year old unwed mother was a member of the “cast”. He was aghast about the moral implications, I was bewildered by her choosing to join ergo leaving her child without a parent for what? A few weeks? Months? I find that frightfully sad.

Husband then wondered – what motivates these people to join? My first answer was money. Husband countered but  my student doesn’t look like he needs money. Who doesn’t need money?

There are so many examples of people who gain fame and wealth through sports and show business. I need not name names. Proof of the rewards of their being in their chosen  profession are rife – beautiful houses (usually more than 1 or 2), nice cars, a yacht, an airplane, a mall — if you know showbiz, the perks I’ve mentioned will bring to mind one very obvious name.

Oh well, I think that’s it for us   watching this reality show’s teen edition. But wait, they’re guesting the star volleyball player of the blue school. So husband might watch that episode at the very least.

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