Getting an anti-rabies shot

is not easy in the sense that not all hospitals/clinics have it. And Mercury only has one brand which the UP infirmary said has produced allergic reactions in at least two of its patients.

So what to do?

Timeline: HHB went to the corner clinic and was told the doctor wasn’t in. But she was advised to come at 1pm and told she can just buy the anti-rabies vaccine and they’d administer  it themselves.

I called Mercury which said it had only one brand, the one that starts with the letter R. After lunch, husband brought HHB to the UP infirmary. They didn’t have anti-rabies vaccine but injected HHB with an anti-tetanus shot.

Thereafter they came back.

I called worldciti in Aurora Boulevard where my sister said her daughter-in-law had brought a water delivery boy who was bitten by their pitbull years ago. The lady in ER was competent. I had asked for the price of this, that, etc and she gave them. Before I put down the phone, she said, “Miss, ipaalam ko na sa inyo.” Ang package ay P6k. I don’t know if she meant for that day only or for the follow-up shots as well.

Decided to call another hospital: Quirino Labor Hospital. The person in ER said that despite the existence of a note from the UP doctor, a Labor hospital doctor’s prescription would be necessary to get Varorub, the vaccine recommended by the UP doctor. I thought “Uh-oh, another expense.” But what had to be done had to be done. So husband brought HHB to Quirino. They were gone for maybe 2.5 hours? The doctor in Labor wasn’t particularly cordial, the type rather that could raise one’s blood pressure or hackles, or the fear that one is dying.

Husband didn’t like her, neither HHB. She said the doctor in UP was so much nicer. I guess the volume of patients in Labor is such that good moods cannot be sustained. Though there was a nurse (old) who, according to husband, was very reassuring.

Total cost incurred; IN UP for consultation and anti-tetanus P500 plus.

IN Labor: for consultation and anti-rabies P1500 more or less.

Did I save from not sending HHB to Worldciti? POssibly yes, unless the P6k fee included payment for subsequent shots?

Things are looking up. I hope the rashes will subside as well because so many issues have been resolved: the windows facing our roof, SImba eating, Ringo’s not showing he has rabies, etc.

So it’s just the rashes left for handling. Skin, please cooperate. GA!

2 thoughts on “Getting an anti-rabies shot

    • That’s why I was so stressed and why the rashes surfaced, I suspect. Sba the bitten has cough (umaarte or low resistance) the others and hhb are ok. Thanks for asking.

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