Quezon City Hall engineering office rocks!

On May 26 or thereabouts, after our barangay still hadn’t boarded up the windows, I wrote the office of the mayor, Herbert Bautista. As I used mail accessed by clicking on the link to him, I didn’t know until later that my email had been answered by someone from the engineering office, citing the matter would be investigated. Friday, 19 June 2015, I received a letter sent through PHilpost that someone would come over. I frantically called the number in the letter to apprise them that the window openings had been closed using hollow blocks. But the lady who answered said, better to have it checked.

Just now, someone from City Hall came. He was most respectful and open to hearing us out. Pity I failed to get his name.

Thank you QC government, especially to the mayor, the one who received my email, the people in the Engineering Office, and the man who came over. He took pictures to document what he saw.

Hooray! There are people in government who do their work and well.

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