The past few weeks

Rashes galore. They come, they go, many stay. Prickly heat, I’m sure some are.

Hopefully, they will be gone soon. They are on my arms,  legs, back, behind the knees, etc.

I’ve put powder, Sudocrem (used for nappy rash), allergy lotion, etc. So far, the allergy lotion has worked on one of the older ones which has become pale pink and is no longer rough. That gives me hope that the rest will be gone soon.

Except that the red spots like pin dots on my arms are peripatetic and love me too much, and that annoys and frightens me. If there were’t too many of them, I’d say it’s stress. And perhaps it is.

What have my stressors been?

On 12 June, Ringo bit Simba. Did I write about this already? I think not because it was something that scared me as the days wore on. Night of June 12, after Simba was bitten, husband brought him to the vet. HHB accompanied them. Her thumb was bitten also. Simba stayed the night in the vet clinic, HHB, when asked, said she’d just observe and not go for anti-rabies vaccine.

When Simba came back, he was frisky, like nothing had happened. Except that 5 days after, his stitches came off, a few of them. As she was due to return to the vet on the 18th, we decided to just show the unstitched portion then. This was stitched up after which two days later, Simba refused to eat but continued to drink. She also was salivating and this alarmed HHA. Brought her to the vet Sunday. Tests were run for distemper among other things. Yesterday, vet asked for permission to conduct more tests and let Simba stay on as she was still not eating and needed to be fed intravenously.

This morning, though I dread hearing dire news, I decided to call the vet. Simba ate chicken liver last night and dog food in a can this morning. Hopefully, she will be discharged tomorrow. The bill? Ah… I was going to crack a joke here but it would be in bad taste. But it is related to someone in the news a few days back.

As for rabies, vet remains confident Simba wasn’t bitten by a rabid animal. Yesterday, just the same, we had HHB agree to anti-tetanus and anti-rabies shots. I know, the latter is “too late” so the doctor said it’s for a next possible attack, to protect HHB. OH, no more of that please.


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