I shun doctors because they seldom give good news; except to tell you you’re pregnant when you’re no longer a teen.

Weeks back I went to the plastic surgeon who had prescribed MEBO to address my pressure sore back in 2009. No surgery but it has only been recently that the sore has closed. So why did I go back? Another sore had developed and thankfully, he didn’t prescribe surgery but good old MEBO again. What a relief. This doctor we sometimes see in malls and restos and he always teases that I go out too much. That was then. The past months I’ve been a virtual recluse.

Around the end of May, I developed rashes in my inner elbow, the back of my knees and arms. But they weren’t alarming quantity wise. I sent photos of my afflicted legs and arms to doctor friends. One prescribed a preparation she made, another said to use cornstarch powder. Note that the   plastic surgeon had seen the red patches and pronounced them to be heat rash. Fine.

Then last week, okay starting 12 June, I was stressed out. Ringo bit Simba, HHB tried to pull them apart so Ringo bit HHB’s thumb. Simba was treated but the vet said she didn’t think HHB needed anti-rabies shots. To cut a long story short, despite the vet’s pronouncement I was fearful. What if?

Last week my rashes multiplied exponentially: stomach, back, arms, legs! A saying goes “Vanity thy name is woman” and I guess this has been validated? Take unvain me who was chided by a hair specialist in a salon in Shang who told me, “Di ka mahilig mag ayos, ano?” While true, it hurt nonetheless. But I guess there still is an iota of vanity in me because when I noticed my arms, I decided to take action.

HHB said it might be chicken pox. I disabused her of the thought, saying I know CP has water underneath. I thought “Prickly heat”, I googled incessantly and looked at photos. I who am scared of such actually looked at photos. Desperation reared its ugly head, I guess.

When I saw pictures of psoriasis I thought ah, this looks like it. Called husband to take a look but he said he still thought it was prickly heat.

Went to a clinic in Shang and as soon as I rolled the sleeves of my shirt, the derma said, “I think you have psoriasis.”

Uh oh. It’s a genetic thing, triggers can be anything: stress, weather changes, dry skin, etc.

Looking at the spots, I realized this isn’t the first time except that the quantity and coverage  is more than usual.

I was prescribed some meds (oral), a lotion prepared by the clinic, a moisturizer (Jergen’s because it’s cheap, she said, and I’lll have no reason to scrimp. She also said to moisturize with let-up, even after administering the medicated lotion.

One thing I should avoid is developing an infection, she said. Plus if the medicines don’t work, there will be alternatives that will require my kidneys and liver to be checked. Arrgh. When push comes to shove, I don’t think I’ll have that done. Ignorance is bliss.

So there, everyone, moisturize!!! She doesn’t recommend a bath oil made by N.

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