An attempt at levity gone wrong

That’s what I did in the wee hours of the morning. I wrote a facetious post that poked fun at people who   thought I was older than an older sister, thought all I do at home is sit, etc.

But the ruse backfired. When I woke up after a few hours of sleep, i checked the post and every line seemed to have a misspelled word. I had written the post using my iPhone.

More often than not, when I write a post, I don’t reread it for errors. My rationale – this is not a serious undertaking, it won’t be graded, etc. Very bad habit, I know, especially because that’s my line of work – editing. I guess it’s a case of not wishing to do one’s work during one’s off hours? Like I rationalize too that the reason I don’t read as much as I did in the past is that reading is now equated to work?


So if you happen to read a post of mine that is fraught of errors, you will understand why. But please feel free to comment on posts like that so I can redo it or trash it before more people see how badly it was written.

Thank you.


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