Perpetuating the wrong value

I find something amiss with the commercial above. “Anak, ang dami na e.”

Suppose you were a teacher and your student said his/her mom told him, “Anak ang dami na e” – implication – iwan mo na lang ang librong yan, puno na ang bag mo – to explain why he/she does not have his/her homework, whom to blame?

This really peeves me.

Why spare the child from carrying an additional book just because? Good thing the child reasoned, “But it’s my homework, mom!”

The child can be father to the mom, it appears

PS I know the subliminal message has to do with building the strength of the child through his drinking of milk, but the message conveyed at first glance is this: Mom would rather child left his workbook for school because he already has too many in his school bag. Really?

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