Our dog Simba is dead

Posts back, I mentioned how she and Bonna got into a fight, Ringo intervened and bit Simba. Simba was brought to the vet. WHen she came back she was active like nothing had happened although she was sewn up in a few places.

Days after, a few stitches came off. On the day she was due back for the removal of stitches or a day later, she was sewn up again.

And things were never the same with her.

Unlike the first time she came back, she constantly shook her head, so her ears would flap every which way. She had the energy to do that but days later, she developed a fever. Brought back to the vet, they said she had cough and fever. And that thing about her shaking her head was because her ears had been cleaned and were infected.

She stayed at the vet’s for three nights, I think, and remained languid. But we thought she’d survive.

It wasn’t to be.

Goodbye Simba. As I fail to distinguish one dog from the rest, those around me say it was she who’d constantly run to the ramp and wait for me to go down in my wheelchair. And as was Benjamin’s wont, she’d go under the wheelchair so she could go with me to my room for some treats.

Simba, enjoy all the doggie treats in dog heaven. Say hello to your dad Benjamin and your sister Guia for us.

PS – Two other dogs aren’t doing too well either – Kana and Bonna. The HHs suspect they’ve been catching frogs and poisoned in the process…

4 thoughts on “Our dog Simba is dead

  1. I hope the other babies would get well soon. I immediately read this post because I also had a dog named SImba, who passed away days before I graduated from college.

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