Random thoughts

On this rainy Thursday, husband rued how, if only the drainage in the Metro were in top shape, classes need not be called off when the monsoon rains come. He recalls how when we were younger, wind speed rather than amount of rainfall, ergo flood, was the determinant of the calling off of classes. Husband is so into drainage issues that he once said, “If our barangay officials fixed the drainage problem in our community, that would be achievement enough.”

Apparently such is not a main focus of government. As early as the 1970s, a friend/relative who studied in UST would tell me how water was waist-deep or higher and they had to cross the overpass to get to the other side.

That said, I try to ease my fretting when the rain falls hard about how awful things could turn out for us (think Ondoy), but how much worse it could be for others. THose in Malabon, for example, have flooded houses even in the absence of monsoon rains. One night in the news, I even saw a house that had a submersible pump in its sala, similar to what we have in our driveway.


Filipino food. I ordered from a cafeteria nearby: pata estofado, bopis, tinolang manok, fried lumpia. The pata was highly recommended and taste wise, it was quite good except that it had so much sauce, making the dish overpowering. That led me to the thought that possibly, Filipino food isn’t that appreciated internationally because the taste screams. But then again, I rued, perhaps this can be explained by our being a poor country where rice and salt can equal a meal, or rice and a dish with minimal meat but smothered in sauce is much appreciated. Dishes from other countries tend to whisper rather than scream, flavor wise.


I don’t like the new alalay of Wally’s new persona in Eat Bulaga’s Juan for All, All for One. I find her OA. But then that’s just me.


Grace under pressure. RIchard Poon and Maricar Reyes in Kris TV today, July 8, 2015. The cooking pot behind them emitted a sound like an explosion, but they carried on as though nothing. They are such a good looking couple. I’m glad they have found each other.

I will never forget how when I was writing a draft I found RIchard Poon in Friendster  or Multiply and needed to confirm something about their family business. He graciously replied to my message.

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