Months back I had rashes that resembled prickly heat. They were on the usual spots that perspire. But near end June, they were on my inner lower arm and that alarmed me. So the doctor-averse me went to one who barely looked before saying – That’s psoriasis. She told me the worst case scenario – recurring, may require medication long term, ergo my liver and kidneys will have to be checked, photo therapy etc. And before leaving when I tried to show her my nail, without giving it a look, she said “Just put medicine on it.” She also said she could prescribe me medicine available in Manila. When I asked if I could order through her, she said she doesn’t do that for her patients, they have messengers who can do it. Ah, ok. I apparently didn’t fall under the classification of “my patients” although she did say later that if I really wanted to, to text her. She told me to go back in two weeks, no charge. I must have looked so destitute to her. No messenger and all.

I didn’t go back but sought advice from a friend dermatologist and a friend’s pedia. More comfortable with them. To that doctor’s credit, my P cleared in a week but resurrected after two weeks. As promised. I hope I go into remission soon (a possibility she mentioned) as having P is not funny. It’s uncomfortable and frustrating. Occasionally I tell myself, “I can beat this.” Occasionally I wonder, “Is this the end?” The itch is accompanied by a tugging sensation, and spots I don’t like seeing. So when I’m being cleaned, I close my eyes.

P is genetic, an auto-immune disease, she told me. She said “Didn’t you have this before?” Some manifestations of this flare-up remind me I have, but not in this scale. And not this messy. I was told to slather myself with lotion. Someone said to mix petroleum jelly with a steroid cream. That is so sticky. And hot. Even my hair is greasy. Ah, and yes, I also developed scalp psoriasis but hopefully that is on the wane.

I better stop writing about P now because if I don’t this post will have to be retitled.


Lost our fifth dog today in three weeks. Count them, though not in order of passing: Simba, Kana, Bonna, Chubby (the matriarch) and Boogie – just this morning. May they be happier in dog heaven. We have memories to keep us afloat despite losing them.

The 3 remaining dogs are the big ones: Ringo, Sophie and Rocky. They appear healthy. Knock on wood.


This pm, the doorbell rang. Son went to check. A bit unusual for him to have done so but it happened. At the gate was a man in his 20s, son said, clad in a black and white jacket. Tall and lean, long haired. He told son he used to live here, could he have some money?

Rocky barked at him. He left.

I wanted to report his presence to the barangay but he might get back at us. What do you think?


To go back to P, if there’s one thing that gets me down, it’s this: as my digits are shedding skin, some are painful to use to type. And because the Spectrum markers I have are rather difficult to open and close, I’ve had to use other brands – Stabilo, for one. But this requires longer coloring time as the tip is tiny.

Copic markers are easier to open and close. Yesterday, my second batch of six arrived – I just had to get them because once I was coloring a yogini using my Spectrum or one of the fine tip pens. Whoa, the yogini’s face turned out orange. So that gave me a good excuse to get Copic skin. I tried it out today only to realize it doesn’t blend as well as Spectrum. Told son and husband about it so they tried to improve it. The finished product:


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