Some TV notes

Having finished watching My Love Eun Dong, I have but one series to watch – I Love You from Today. But I don’t like it much – so many problems, not much happiness going around. Apparently I watch such for their entertainment value and don’t relish watching angsty stuff. So today I decided to watch TV instead.

First I watched Kris TV. I didn’t finish today’s as it had two young stars , so I couldn’t relate. I did watch the one of days past featuring ZP and her new love. I was taken aback when at the end she said, “Thank you for visiting our house” or something to that effect. Guess why?

Today I watched The Ryzza Mae Show. Again I was taken aback. There was China Cojuangco demonstrating how eggless carbonara is prepared. But wait, the camera was not focused on her so I didn’t quite catch how to do it. Why was this? Ryzza was gyrating to some popular song and the camera was on her. I found that downright rude. You invite someone to do something and the host is somewhere else, the camera is focused on the host, not the guest. Whatever for? You shouldn’t bothered to have had a guest. This didn’t happen just once but several times. China could very well have walked out and had she done so, I would have applauded her. If I were China, I won’t ever guest in TRMS without the proviso that the camera should not veer away from her if she’s demonstrating how something is prepared. What gives, director? Sure, it’s Ryzza’s show but shouldn’t courtesy and respect be part of it? Isn’t it your duty to educate viewers in addition to entertaining them, even subliminally?

On to Eat Bulaga. Two things about Juan For All, All for Juan. The recipient of today’s bounty was Shirley. Asked if she had a husband, she said, “live-in partner”. Yes, “live-in partner”. I think somehow that she said it in English that way, Allan K said, “WOW!” I know he said that because of the use of the expression but again, it might send across the wrong message – that it’s now “WOW!” to have a live-in partner. Eat Bulaga, please?

The next point and this has nothing to do with EB but with Filipino machismo. Shirley makes a living selling kakanin and earns P300 per day doing so. Her live-in partner, what does he do? Shirley said, “Wala.” Later he joins the group and he wasn’t the sickly type at all. Shame on  him. Shame on us Filipino women who allow such? Are we too giving?  Are we who raised this men responsible?


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