Healer – K drama

When I first saw this bandied about, I decided it wasn’t for me for two reasons:

a. the title – I don’t like hospital movies

b. the male lead – he isn’t “my” type. He was detestable in Five Fingers and I didn’t like him in Empress Ki.

Then a friend said I should watch it. I said “I don’t like medical dramas.” She said but it isn’t. I felt like a dunce.

Healer is like City Hunter theme wise. I guess they’d have wanted to title it Hunter but for obvious reasons, couldn’t and didn’t. It is engrossing.

And the male lead? Given a role where he takes command not because he’s weak but because he’s strong – he’s okay.

Go watch it. I’m onto Episode 12 and am liking it. So many likeable characters in it – the female lead, her foster father, the quirky ahjumma, etc.

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