Totally Random?

Five years ago, we got a car loan and as it has been fully paid, the bank has released its papers. First step thereafter was to go to the Register of Deeds in QC. Fine, as we’re from QC. But get this, the LTO where the CR or is it OR will have to be picked up is in Sampaloc! Heavens. Why? We got the car in Honda Libis.

Even further back, we also got a car loan and the LTO office where the CR or OR had to be obtained from was in Novaliches. We had bought that car in Toyota in Nagtahan, Manila.

I cannot figure out the bases of how these things are assigned.

OH well…

4 thoughts on “Totally Random?

  1. onli in da pilipins! On a similar note, my family just wanted to have a quiet dinner Friday night and a relaxing lunch today – well, traffic was sooo bad last night, reblocking & all that & no MMDA or traffic enforcer in sight! Today was the same from C5 to Katipunan, on a weekend at that! So, when are we taxpaying citizens spared from any inconvenience?

    • Awful … So much time is wasted in traffic! A foreigner was surprised when he found out my son sometimes spends 4 hours going to and from work!

  2. Just in Jan this year, we fully paid our car loan through the bank & while processing at the RD office was no problem at all, getting the CR w/out the encumbered notation took months – beat that! And we had to wait ages before we were able to sell due to the delay from LTO, reason they gave us was that docs had to be searched from piles among piles of documents as they had just transferred to a diff building. Poor consumers like us suffer in the process. ;-( Car was bought at Mla Bay, LTO we had to go to was at Mirasol, Cubao.
    Another LTO problem : we registered a diff car last Feb, a week’s delay though paid in the same month caused us to pay a surcharge of Php200. Yet, til now the sticker and the new plate are still unavailable!!! What else can I say?

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