A series of funny events 

Yesterday HhA asked that we do the grocery na. A first. I think in the past she was averse to the frequency because she was hard put to fit everything in the freezer. But with my health issues it has been over a month since I went, hence the plea. I moaned how much will the bill be? But I had no choice, itchies notwithstanding.

The stories that follow are sidelights rather than grocery related.

One- we were lined up in the PWD/ senior citizen’s lane. Hha and John were near the cashier, I was against the first shelf of goodies. A man with fewer than 10 items lined up behind the 2. Hhb advised him “sir, doon na Lang Kayo sa Kabila kasi marami pa eto.” She pointed to the two groaning carts. I had wanted to tell him as much but refrained because while I knew him he seldom acknowledged my existence. In a loud voice he reasoned “pero senior citizen ako.” I said “PWD ako” but I don’t think he heard. He asked the cashier if he could be served in the next lane. He transferred.

Second – as we were waiting for the groceries to be punched, in came Angelica Panganiban. As she did with Allan K, Hhb said, Hello. She was snubbed. At least AK had said hi back though his smile lacked warmth, but AP kept looking down. Poor HHB.

Third – yagit. Look.  

I ordered hot dog sandwiches for us while the two HHs were lining up when I felt a tug on my right sleeve as I wheeled myself. When I managed to extricate myself, I saw that. I laughed, relieved I hadn’t hurt myself. The blouse? I think it’s fully depreciated. Hhb constantly has me wear it and I just concur when I don’t care what I’m wearing. 

So there.

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