A Rainy Saturday in UP Town Center

first of all, you must bring an umbrella. The roofs aren’t built such that you’re protected from the rain as you move from one section to another – like from the ramp to level ground, for example. This is a structural weakness of Ayala malls, I notice. Serendra another example.

Second if you eat in Mad Marks be sure you have nowhere pressing to go to after. Service is so slow over all. Not that we weren’t warned. After we ordered two steaks and a burger the server said it would take 20 to 25 minutes. We didn’t keep tabs but the burger came long after the steaks were served. To its credit the steak was cheap at 305 pesos with two sides and gravy of your choice. Sides choices included broccoli and cauliflower, mashed potato, potato salad with bacon bits, garden rice etc. I ordered potato salad but the girl cautioned that they didn’t have bacon bits. Reminds me our order would have been two burgers and a steak but they had only one burger left. Promise. Inventory problems, obviously! The owner should supervise this branch more assiduously. We ordered ice cream. They had only to scoop it, right? But that took more than 10 minutes. When I gave my PWD card so the bill could be re computed, it took an eternity to come. I couldn’t fathom why. A table of several in a group had people constantly looking at their watches. Oh and the ice cream – husband wanted Madagascar. Out of stock! What did I tell you?

Third – Wellworth isn’t Rustan’s though the Tantocos own it. It’s more like Landmark and I’m bot complaining at all. Choices are more affordable, for one. For another they are very kind about elevator use!

Fourth – Cath Kidston had so many nice stuff but even those on sale prices cost more than 2k pesos. I guess this store will but see me without getting my money!

Cetaphil moisturizing cream – some time back a friend gave me a bottle. It’s halfway gone and I was looking for a jar. Not available in our part of the world. Sigh. Amazon beckons.


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