Merkado (mercado?) at UP Town

it isn’t S&R that’s for certain. Or maybe we didn’t look well enough? Didn’t see the huge sausages, cheese choices weren’t as plenty. But it’s an added option for Katipuneros so welcome, welcome. Thank you for the kilo of sugar and the brown contortionist fan that jerks when you open it. And the sausage and cheese roll in phyllo pastry the lady in a costume dancing with the brass band outside handed me from her basket. And the many packs of Heinz ketchup. And the Monde Belgian waffle. And the ground pork cooked with potatoes in UFC ketchup. I was hoping they’d also give free water at least but no, they were distributing Hennessy cognac in paper cups. Spanish bread by Luisito was being sold in plastic containers for 115 pesos for 10 pieces or was it more? Quite good. There were Korean juices husband got different flavors of. And the aisles were wide. Wish it would carry more S&R products though.

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