Tanay po, atbp.

The young host(ess) excitedly introduced her guest, the municipal officer of Taytay, she said, when I was reaching for my phone to call my friend who lives in Taytay. Then husband overheard the guest say, “Tanay, po.” Oops. I’m sure the hostess had been in the location for hours before her segment was filmed but… and she didn’t even apologize for the gaffe. Oh well. A pro she isn’t, apparently.  Segment in Umagang Kay Ganda.


Kris TV – I enjoy watching the show when it’s not too noisy, when talk isn’t about love, when the hostess visits the homes of various personalities or restos.

The past two days, Janice de Belen’s house and lifestyle were featured. Wow, everyone’s dream. So organized, everything in place, the shelves organized to show every gadget she has so she doesn’t forget she has them, the kitchen looking like a restos rather than a showcase so she doesn’t have to think twice about laying a hot dish anywhere.

The porthole window was huge, everything looked so clean but lived in. The painting was interesting, the placement of the aquarium flushed into the wall rather than protruding or obtrusive was likewise well thought of. Janice is one organized person.


Kidzania – the new playland for children which is interactive rather than passive makes me wish I were a kid once more or that my son still is so I’ll have an excuse to go. Hope they can sustain its quality. Oh, I just saw adult rates (P550). Does this mean I can go in even without a kid along? Kidzania is in BGC – 11th North Avenue if I saw it correctly.


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