ABE, what gives?

yesterday I called Food Panda to order from ABE. FP said sinuteng baby squid is not in their menu so I canceled and ordered from iHop instead.

This morning at 11:15, I called FP again, wishing to order gising2 from Abe, never mind the babies.

So I enumerated my orders among them lechon Cubano. Some time after I got a call asking if I had received a text that A had declined the order. It didn’t have lechon. I asked for an alternative, they suggested crispy pata. Ah, reminds me, in my first call today I asked if they had hito which was listed in the menu. They said none, according to FP.

I thought we were all set when I got another text saying my order has been declined! I thought it was a system glitch whereby the same text had been sent twice! But it was for REAL. By then it was 12:22! I was talking to FP expressing my dismay when son said to just put down the phone. Aware it was an exercise in futility, I followed as bidden.

C, Abe’s has lost another fan. Joining you and your mom in the line. So sad.

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