Drop dead gorgeous, with a dimple so deep he has been tagged “Ang pambansang Dimple” by his Eat Bulaga co-hosts. But the nice thing about him is that though he is guwapo, he is fun. He allows Sam Y G to poke fun at him, doing as Sam bids him. That he has become a regular co-host in EB is I think a telling sign – he gets along well with anyone. Because let’s admit it, there are egos in EB in the sense that this people have been in the business for so long and have earned some (bragging/hubris) rights.

My husband has become a curious follower of the Al-Dub tandem in EB and watches it with eyes and ears open when he’s home. Both of us thought Yaya Dub wouldn’t last, and perhaps she wouldn’t have as long as she has and will with out Alden in the picture. Not that I am deriding Y’s talent but AR’s role in the equation cannot be ignored.

AR in the That’s My BAE segment which he handles with Sam is similarly engaging. Watched him in both portions and enjoy!

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