A Sunday in August (2015) in Shangrila

Don’t despair if you get to Shang after 12 noon on a Sunday. Lots of parking in B2 of the East Wing. Son believes these slots were formerly reserved for valet parking. We found one.

Lunch was at Woo Galbi. We ordered the beef platter 1 which consisted of 3 kinds of beef, I cannot remember which kinds. I do know that beef platter 2 had lengua which I wasn’t ready to eat as Korean barbecue. Another time maybe.

Upon the recommendation of the waiter we also ordered chapchae.

And believe it or not, husband wanted plain rice and not bibimbap and as I didn’t relish eating bibimbap on its own, neither plain rice, I asked son if I could share his vegetable rice.

Note: the resto had a new menu book, different from the past. Like the beef platter – I think this was the first time we saw it.

Verdict – the beef platter – apparently there were three kinds but as the dish wasn’t cooked table side the way it is in Bulgogi Brothers, we couldn’t at first tell which was which -the round thing where the meats were cooked was 3/4 full, the empty 1/4 seemed to have the sauce that was either deliberately poured on or may have flowed into the empty space. We thought a fourth kind of meat was coming up, so did the waitress but when she checked that was it.

Son liked the dish which to me lacked presentation. Imagine beef slices just lumped together – no green, yellow or any other color to break the monotony. Regardless, there were 3 kinds of meat. THe one nearest me was not very tender, it wasn’t tough either. The one nearest son was yummy tender, the third facing husband was okay. So which kind was the best? I wouldn’t know. I was thinking of asking but son said he liked the platter in toto.

The chapchae – a best-seller we were assured, was quite sweet. I wouldn’t have worried about that except that I hardly saw any beef in it. SO I won’t ever order that again. Better pa the pancit canton of chix n treats which has more than 1 pork strip et al.

The vegetable rice was a revelation. SOn thinks it was cooked in butter which made it taste so good. I could have eaten that and just one other dish and I’d have been fine.

Oh, I almost forgot, the platter should have been served with lettuce leaves but had we not asked if the dish were complete, the lettuce leaves wouldn’t have come. Oh well.


East Cafe – this is on the second floor of Rustan’s. I hadn’t drunk the water in WG, just soda, so I craved water after we bought some fans in Rustan’s. They had low-priced fans selling at less than P500, but they also had some high-priced fans at P7k. Some fans were being sold at huge discounts, some remained priced without but could be bought at 10% off with a Rustan’s discount card. Oh I said East Cafe. EC is on the second floor, not too far from the sliding doors. I guess it is Rustan’s new version of Bon Appetit. Many tables were occupied but there were a few empty ones and so son and I got one (husband had gone off to Muji). I was craving dessert aside from a cold glass of water. When I asked the waiter, he suggested the suman sa lihia. All of P98. Son said he didn’t want dessert and was still full. Felt bad about that but as we had ordered already, I decided to just eat the suman.

It came really warm and the lihia was thick and dark brown, resembling hot chocolate for churros. But it was lihia all right and it was sooooo good. After I said so, son tried and ate half of it. Do order this when you go to EC. EC also has meals, sushi, sashimi, ice cream preparations, etc.  We will likely be back.

On the third floor of Rustan’s, we got a Tefal iron. HHB asked me to get a new one and specified TEFAL. She said when we had one before, it was durable, more so than the next brand. HHB wasn’t the iron woman then, instead it was a quiet HHC who didn’t bother to specify the brand when she asked to get a new iron. Cost was P990. I thought TEFAL would be more expensive than that. I didn’t bother to check out other brands as well, HHB had said TEFAL.

I like, like, like going to the 3rd floor of Rustan’s where they have so many interesting stuff for the house – decor, utensils, gadgets, etc. More interesting than clothes for me. Calls to mind how while in college, a sister of mine and I went to HK. When we’d go to a store with kitchen stuff, I’d gravitate toward it and she was so exasperated. Old habits die hard, apparently. Years back, a dad in the org my son belonged to was shocked when I said I liked going to True Value. I’m a girl, he pointed out. I know, I told him, but still…

Some pictures:

The first – a food cover – reminded me of a project in Work Ed class when I was in grade school. I remember the flowers in mine were a deep red orange whose petals we stuffed with cotton. Posted this photo in our FB group page – our meaning my classmates and mine.


The second photo is of our almost devoured suman sa lihia. Notice how copious the sauce is. I like the sauce a lot so  if they sold just that, I’d happily order and enjoy it.


The third photo is of  what lies beneath the glass panel on top of the table. PRetty, right?


The fourth is my blog’s new header. Had husband take a photo of my collection of colored pencils which are now inside a make up bag I got in Muji. These pencils are contained in black plastic makeup brush holders.

Isn’t it obvious where my priorities lie?

Here are 2 other photos taken of the bag’s contents. They are a more accurate depiction of how messily the coloring stuff are o”organized”:

FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender (3)

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