A Chicken recipe from memory

Back in the 1980s, there were a few cooking shows I followed. One was the show hosted by Nina and Sandy. I recall having baked Sandy’s drunken chicken several times. But that notebook where I wrote down the recipe is no more.

This morning HHA said we had a whole chicken she could prepare for dinner. Stuffed chicken, she said. But we had that a few weeks ago, I said. ANd then it occurred to me to try reconstructing the recipe of Sandy.

It went something like this: Prepare bread stuffing for chicken with shredded bread, ground beef or pork, salt and pepper. Milk and cheese too, if you wish. Then pour a mixture of brandy and honey into the cavity of the chicken before stuffing it. I can’t recall how much brandy was to be put, I think honey was 1/4 cup. Stuff. Then just let the liquid flow out as you lay the chicken on the baking dish, after rubbing the skin with liver spread and butter. Put carrots and leeks before taking the chicken out of the oven.

The result was good, the brandy a bit strong. Maybe next time sherry in lieu of brandy. Or Cointreau.


A recipe I recall from the same cooking show involved SKy flakes and buttercream. I did try making this – crushed skyflakes to smithereens and frost with butter in layers. Like san srival minus the difficulty of making meringue layers.

Another entree I recall from that show was a garlic butter spread on French bread with mayo added in to make the spread more creamy.  Except that son is not a fan of mayo so I didn’t make it too often. I think green onions were added to the spread also.


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