Walang son dilate

there’s an old joke about a situation in a sabungan where the joke goes there is a syndicate because a duck won the match.

Yesterday in Eat Bulaga, the Bulaga pa More contest had Yaya Dub and Patricia competing via disparate numbers. YD was a Cinderella situation that required her to waltz and emote. HBD girl Patricia did a hula hoop demo, an air dance, etcetera. She clearly did a better job that demanded more of her besides. But given YD’s popularity I was almost sure she’d emerge the winner of the contest which had 130 plus judges, among which only one was a celebrity. Time ran out and the winner wasn’t announced. Today it was – Patricia! Good job, EB! Patricia will go a long way if she sets her mind to pursuing show biz seriously.

The fairness of the outcome reminded me of the end tail portion of a morning show a few days ago. I only watch it so I don’t miss the start of the succeeding show. Husband watched too. And after listening to the host virtually defending the guest, husband said “kaya sinasabi Ng GMA ‘walang kinikilingan.'” Because the host was clearly siding with the guest – odd because he was the host rather than the lawyer. We could only shake our heads in disgust.

Hours later, son said “Grabe si ***, kakainis.” When we concurred he expressed surprise. You saw it? You watch him? I explained why we did, why we do.

I rest my case.

PS not too many people appreciate ***. In the brouhaha following the altercation between family members of a religious group I read comments, challenging his silence. He belongs to the group, one said, thus his silence.

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