HHB’s long pronouncements and her amiability

A few minutes ago, I reminded HHB to clean the table. Instead of just saying yes, she answered, “Kay wala pa kami naka panyaga te karon lang na tapos kami panyaga, etc.” How she loves long answers. Once I was so piqued, I said, “Just say yes or no” after she muttered two or more sentences.

But she is amiable – to people other than me (a case of familiarity breeds contempt?) Once our neighbors houseboys were chopping the branchess off some of their trees per the request of another neighbor. To do this, they had to be on our driveway which is between the two neighbors’ houses. I needed for HHB to do something, but was told she was there watching the procedure. Husband was watching as well. I insisted to HHA to call HHB. When HHB came she said she had to be there to watch. I told HHA to substitute for HHB. Later I found out HHA didn’t. She reasoned there was nothing to be done there. Besides, husband was there. HHB likes to socialize or be the boss. AM sure she was giving instructions to the men.

Reason I’m blogging about this is that I caught myself scratching the inside of my elbows and one has turned red. Not psoriasis anymore but inis allergy. INIS.


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