Not a fluke

Months back I wrote of how I had a cake delivered to a friend using 2121212. I chose the resto (Banapple), ordered a cake or pie, and had it delivered. They didn’t indicate from whom the cake was, my friend only found out when she called me re something and I presumed it was to thank me so I said, “Ay buti naman, natanggap mo!” To this she answered, “So ikaw pala ang nagpadala.” She was planning to call 2121212 to ask but I’m glad she didn’t have to. It’s an exercise in futility unless you’re tenacious.

Today, past 12 noon, HHB came in, beaming. SHe was carrying a brown box, a cake she said, for me. I hadn’t ordered any so who was sending me a cake? The past days I sent a friend in hospital a bouquet and cakes – could she have been reciprocating? The bakeshop was located near the hospital.

I proceeded to ask son if his classmate (my friend’s son) had asked for our address. I knew there was no way she could memorize it. Son said no. SO I called 2121212. Guy who answered said there was no way they could find out. Orders were  coming in seconds, so no way. I challenged, aren’t you computerized? He said they were. Was he being phlegmatic? Lazy?

Ffeeling unsettled, I called again, having located a reference number in the customer order copy which, heavens, indicated how much the cake cost and the delivery charge as well – verboten in the rules of etiquette. I prayed a different person would take my call and I  thought it was a different voice. I stated my problem and the reference number, the agent, etc. He again said there was no way they could check. After a while he relented, saying he’d check their records. He found a phone number and asked if it were mine. I said no. I asked what was that number again? INitially, he vacillated about reading it out to me but did.

I gave the number to son and  sure enough he knew whose it was: his OJT boss’ who had expressed interest in coloring and whom I sent a coloring book to.

Mission accomplished. But how I wish QD (2121212) and its ilk were more responsible and careful about indicating the sender’s name – unless of course they were explicitly instructed not to do so. In my friend’s case, I never said to conceal my identity.

Our service industries have a long way to go before they reach Amazon level efficiency.

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