Bringing up a child

That I am disabled limited the things I could do for and with my son. But I guess, ultimately, that has its pluses.

Saturday, as the studio where my son stay has not been professionally cleaned since January and only fleetingly so by HHB in March, we decided that once and for all, HHA should go there to clean it. Saturday son goes out with his girlfriend so before doing that, he could bring HHA to the studio and help her clean it, after which we decided she could go home via UBER. Okay, that was son’s idea.

So she did go and when I asked her this morning how his room looked after so many months of not being cleaned by AU Beau Blanc cleaners or HHB, HHA said it looked clean and orderly. OH???? Like a peacock I preened. Son had asked that HHA come to clean because he was dissatisfied with the way the bathroom looked – a tad dirty he said. But when I asked HHA, she said the toilet bowl and sink were clean, it was just the walls that had some black spots. There was no trash to be thrown, the bed was fixed, etc.

yehey! Happy to know that son hasn’t turned out to be a sloth (like his mom).

And he has a heart too, I think, judging from the fact that he brought down HHA to the UBER car waiting and gave instructions to the driver. After some time, he texted us to find out if she had arrived. Advised that she hadn’t, he called the UBER driver and asked where they were. The UBER driver told HHA about son’s calling him even as she heard him over the phone.

So there, I guess husband and I deserve a slight pat on our backs?

This is a self-serving post, apparently.

Sorry about that.

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