TV notes

on eat bulaga yesterday the two contestants who performed VST songs were so off it I didn’t know who should win. Neither deserved to – and to think one was a You Tube sensation. She could hardly be heard, was off key, etc. Her male competitor was no better. I’m glad that Ryan A who was one of the judges said that whoever won should try to get to know VST more for the showdown on Saturday. Really, neither should have won. No fire in their bellies, they apparently hadn’t practiced with any passion.


In the evening the TV was still on GMA. Peripheral noise. And was it noisy. In the series after Pari Koy which stars Lovi Poe and Christopher de Leon (Beautiful Strangers), the latter attempted to rape the lady. The cast of this series is quite something else and includes Dina Bonnevie and Gloria Ronero. I hope for the love of the cast that the script will be improved? They deserve better.

The series following (Faithful Husband) had someone raping Yasmien Kurdi. Are Filipino men so lascivious? Two rapists in two telenovelas, one each?! Really?

Even as peripheral noise we decided the shows were too much and turned off the TV.

Aren’t there better, happier plots around? Is life so grim? Are these the kind of dramas the Filipino audiences want?

I’m glad Marimar will be shown soon, although there’s venom there too if I recall correctly. But hopefully not to an equal degree as the two series I saw last night.

11 thoughts on “TV notes

  1. Kaya ayaw ni TheHusband papanoorin ng Tagalog shows si S. Kaya hindi na sanay si S mag-Tagalog. Kaya heto ako ngayon, ngarag sa paghahanap ng practice worksheets para sa Filipino exams nya. Kaya malamang masungit ako all day sa pag-re-review namin ni Sam. All because the poor scripts/storylines ng Tagalog shows. Yan ang butterfly effect. Hehe.

    • I am no good in Filipino but had to tutor it. I bought Pagsulong sa Wika books. What grade na si S? I might be able to find my old books that might help

      • Thank you for the offer. She knows a bit naman, pero not a natural. I guess, this is more about my feelings as a Tagalog whose daughter is having difficulty with the language. Hehehe, ako na lang lagi! Ako, ako, ako. 🙂

  2. I remember the ABS CBN teleseryes, the likes of Mula sa Puso etc. They’re very violent and grim too. I wonder if that reflects the kind of viewers and audience that we have here in the country.

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