There are two air con cleaners who just arrived. Husband instructed HHA to have them clean the aircon in the lanai first, followed by the exercise room and then our room. Logistics issue why our room is last. If it were first, the HHs cannot watch the men at work (a must we insist on so nothing gets lost) as they’ll have to clean our room after the aircon is cleaned before I go back in.

Aircon man said the aircon in the lanai is too clean to be cleaned, so HHA asked me which aircon then? I said the sala aircon. She said but kuya said the gym aircon. Hay, so why did she even ask me if she won’t obey me anyway?

To quote C, ang sakit sa bangs.

Speaking of bangs, I’ve been shedding hair the past weeks, I thought it was caused by psoriasis per se. But I read this article and it clarifies a lot. What I have is telogen effluvium, a condition that can be treated with Minoxidil which I used in the past when I had the same problem. If I am not mistaken, Dr. Vinson Pineda had a hand in making or at least marketing this.

It is seldom that one reads reassuring medical articles. I’m glad I found this.

2 thoughts on “HHA

  1. Hahahaha! Parang Chow King. I bought Nai Cha. The crew asked me, “tube ice po ba?” Sabi ko, “ano choices? Pwede crushed ice?” Ang sagot sa akin, “Ma’am, tube ice lang.” Mapapailing ka na lang.

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