Some service providers actually work!

Yesterday, I got a call from Coca-Cola because we get Wilkins delivered every week. This has been ongoing for years after son had an up and down experience so cousin advised we should just drink distilled water. The call yesterday started out in a funny way. The lady said they were conducting a survey. First question: what is your middle name? I asked, “What does that have to do with Wilkins?” So she rephrased her question and asked what my middle initial was. I said it because after all it could be anything. Then she proceeded to ask whether we have other brands of water delivered. I was forthright – just Wilkins though we’ve been thinking of shifting to Manila Water’s bottled version as there have been two weeks straight when W failed to deliver. The lady said, “Huwag naman ma’am.” That called to mind what Herbert Bautista said when he guested in EB before the lat elections. There were rumors then that Vic Sotto would run for mayor. HB said, “Huwag naman, bosing.” TO go back to Wilkins, the lady then asked if we drink other Coca-Cola products. I said yes, so she offered the possibility of having this delivered alongside Wilkins water. I asked if there were a minimum, she said no as anyway we have W delivered. They should just be informed a week before actual delivery. How I wish they were like the ice cream trucks in the US (as I’ve seen in comic books) where you could just get as needed without prior notice. So I ordered 10 cans of Coke Zero for husband to be delivered weekly. THe proof of the pudding…. or the proof is in the pudding?


Yesterday, we had our aircons cleaned. It has been a while. In fact it has occurred to me that perhaps, my psoriasis flare was triggered by dirty air. But I couldn’t sit on the wheelchair for long periods due to my sores and cleaning the aircon requires time – to clean it and the mess that results from the cleaning. Mess in the sense that furniture and other stuff have to be moved so the cleaners could get to the aircon.

The aircon in our room emitted clucking sounds once turned off. I could imagine ice cubes doing the same when a ref’s freezer is defrosted. The cleaner said there were jelly like substances in the aircon. Uggh. We didn’t have the split type cleaned  yet as that would mean for me to sit longer. That aircon has been turning off on its own. Gremlins, are you there?

The second aircon we had cleaned was in the nursery turned gym cum office. HHB had turned it own last week and she said it worked. Cleaner cleaned it but after he had done so and plugged it, it didn’t run. Kaput. So why did HHB say otherwise? Oh well. Not exactly surprised.

In the lanai was the third aircon we were thinking of having cleaned. But cleaner said no need. It was clean. So he cleaned the aircon in the sala instead and charged us for the cleaning of 2 units though he had cleaned 3. He also suggested that should we think of buyihg a replacement for the kaput one, to transfer the one in our room to the gym cum office (of husband) and put the new one in our bedroom as it would be used more often. Good suggestion so I set out looking for an aircon by phone.

Called SM Appliance and was at first satisfied with the service except that I thought he was making me wait a long time for info I had asked. Meanwhile I heard him say to someone beside him that I was making him wait too long. SO I said “hello?” and explained it was he who owed me info. But I had since forgotten one and decided to terminate the call.

Went to instead but instead of transacting online, opted to call. The one who took my call was Diane and she was gracious and helpful. She also knew how to answer my questions. I told her I’d call back and luckily it was she who took my call again.

While the website says delivery will be after 3 to 5 days, Diane said she’d have the unit delivered today, a day after I called. And believe you me, around 10 a.m., we had our new aircon.

It’s not the first time I have availed of’s services and I haven’t been disappointed. Great, right?

Thanks Abenson.

2 thoughts on “Some service providers actually work!

  1. Mercury in Katipunan – I want to express my appreciation at least once a year but last year they said “ma’am last na to@. Basal daw. Just gave cake for them to share.

  2. Dapat talaga nire-reward ang mga employees who know their stuff, like Diane. Imagine how many customers get turned off and look elsewhere when they talk to employees na walang alam sa product nila.

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