Shoppersville Katipunan revisited

albeit vicariously.

Prior to my paralysis in 1982, Shoppersville was my go to place. But upon my paralysis, I haven’t been but twice as it’s too far to wheel to. The two times I went, my husband took me in the car.

But that is not to say I ceased buying from Shoppersville. Mercury wasn’t in Katipunan until I can’t remember when and so Shoppers it was for medicines. And groceries. And hamburger sandwich before Jollibee and McDo set up shop in Katipunan. Also pancit luglug.

With the emergence of Rustan’s, Mercury, Jollibee, and McDo, especially with the delivery service the last two offered, the HH’s trips to Shoppersville diminished. But it never stopped. For one, Shoppers carries some items not available in Rustan’s, like a french onion dip mix. And putok – because Shoppers has a bake shop. And biko because Shoppers has a coffee shop which makes the best biko ever.

So why this post?

Husband went there yesterday after having bought hardware stuff in hardwares along Xavierville Avenue. Shoppers had better options, he said. BRanded ones like Stanley. Pity he didn’t listen to the carpenter who suggested checking out SHoppers first.

My sister went to Merkado and checked out a coffee drink. It was more expensive there than in Shoppersville by P2. Things like those. And their baggers who bring your stuff to the car refuse tips. At least per my experience.

Incidentally, Potato Corner has a stall in Shoppers. And there are gift items on the second floor, I think. At least there was when my maids were different. They’d wear a new blouse. Source: Shoppers.

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