K dramas

The Time I did not Love You was a series I enjoyed but in dramabeans, they made mincemeat of it. Oh well, different strokes for different folks. I guess it really doesn’t take much to please me?

I can’t recall now how I chanced upon the fact that Lee Min Ho and this pretty girl in Innocent Man started their careers almost simultaneously and were in the series Mackerel Run. Checked out MR in dramacool but it said that the series was pulled down as no one had looked for it in the past 30 days. It is in YouTube but I wanted some place more “professional.” Went to gooddrama and found it.

LMH is a riot in the first 15 minutes of Episode 1. His sardonic laugh when he learned a classmate was named Jang Dong Gun was priceless. I’m on the 2nd part of Ep 1 and still enjoying it. Funny because I learned it was supposed to run for 24 episodes but was cut down to 8, repeat, 8 because ratings were low (3-4%).

It now occurs to me that perhaps they should make a sequel with LMH and the pretty girl in Innocent Man taking the lead still. I  have yet to determine if these 2 made a series together after MR. Korean producers, please? Also read that a producer or director so enjoyed MR that years later, he decided to make OUr School’s ET with the same cast.

Speaking of Korea, I hope the problem between the two Koreas will be resolved amicably. No war please. If there’s war, what will happen to the ongoing series? Oops that sounds such a petty concern.  I do know a few people living there and my son is scheduled to go there, but with this problem…

Self-serving, I know, but I am a mother.

2 thoughts on “K dramas

  1. Yay! You also read dramabeans. 🙂 I’m in agreement with you. Dramabeans is sometimes my extreme opposite. Or sometimes, I just find their analysis so “masungit” and haaarsh 😛 Like a teacher who murdered and found nothing good on my term paper :p

    • I’m glad I’ve found a kindred spirit in you. Will resume watching All About My Mom which has the male lead of don’t hesitate. But I think this will run beyond 50 episodes also.

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