weeks back a friend posted photos of pages of a recipe book published by a flour company. She decried how one known chef’s recipe contribution was of fried rice using a name brand luncheon meat. And another recipe had a citrus fruit in its name but not that particular fruit among the ingredients. I sent her a message in Facebook and among other things she mentioned that Judy Ann Santos’s recipe book was so much better.

So when I went to Power Books in Shangrila, I did look for a copy but that didn’t require much effort as it was right beside the cashier.

That was weeks ago but when I asked Hha if she had tried out any, she said she hadn’t even opened it. She can be very obstinate!

Today when I asked her what she was going to cook for dinner, she said beef. I reminded her that we also had beef last night. She said the only meat in the freezer was ground pork.

Aha, I had seen a misua recipe in Juday’s book so I told her to use it.

Tonight the misua tasted different from usual. I had forgotten having told her to follow the recipe in Juday’s book. Hhb told me she had. No wonder it was so good and had carrots at that. The only missing ingredient was malunggay. 

Next time I’ll be sure she puts it in!

Can’t wait to try the other recipes.

Screen grab of the recipe book:

From philstar.com

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