Coloring Books

A puzzle.

Earlier today, husband sent a photo of 3 coloring books and said his co-workers bought it from the school’s bookstore at P219 each.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 19.57.50

It had the sticker of NBS.

I was beside myself with excitement for two reasons. One, Creative Cats, the one rightmost is a coloring book I”ve been eyeing in Amazon, so why haven’t I bought it? Its price has been fluctuating from $3 – $5 plus because of the law of supply and demand, I think. ANd here it was selling at P219. Less than what Amazon sells it for and no freight charges!

I wanted to get two and told husband but he said he could get it tomorrow only. I wanted to get two, one for sister, another for me. She was here then and kept egging me to reserve. But husband said his co-workers said there were plenty still.

Toward the end of the day, I called the school bookstore. They just had one Creative Cats copy. I reserved that. Then I called NBS.

Okay here lies the mystery. The girl who took my call wasn’t too high on product knowledge. I asked if they had the coloring book. Yes, she said. I asked how much – her answer P499. I nearly died. But who was I to argue? I told her to reserve one copy. For pick up tomorrow. Obviously, I was hesitant.

I asked what coloring pens they have. She said they had several, what brand did I need? I asked, Do you have Sharpie? She said yes but it’s not for coloring.  She has a lot of explaining to do if she says that to colorists. But then again, who was I to argue? She said for coloring books, the norm is colored pencils like Faber Castell. Again, I didn’t argue.

So different from Fully Booked personnel who know how to answer questions or if they don’t, who go out of their way to find answers.

Oh well. As if I didn’t know that of NBS. Most branches and personnel, anyway. There are exceptions like Myra of NBS Katipunan back when my son was in school. She was such an angel. Last I heard she’s in NBS Clark.

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