Cafe Batwan and then some

truth to tell we didn’t know where to go today. UP Town Center was an option but given how there are roofing gaps between buildings or areas and the occasional rains of late, we eliminated that from the list. BGC also. Much as I have been wanting to go to Pottery Barn, the same reason reared its ugly head.

The deciding factor was Muji. Husband needed some organizer and I saw there was a sale of sorts so we went.

But our first stop was Cafe Batwan in Joya (rockwell). Son said let us have brunch instead today. To make sure, he it was who told Hha not to prepare breakfast.

CB was almost full when we got there near 12 noon. At some point they had to turn people away. And note, I didn’t hear anyone speak Ilonggo which was contrary to expectations – considering that the chef, mr Anglo is from Bacolod.

  • Son had been there previously and found the batchoy too rich. So he didn’t order that but did the trio of dips he had tried. One was bagoong with tahong, the other was eggplant with salted egg and the third was Monggo with I forget what.  I liked the eggplant with salted egg best. Served with biscocho.
  • I forgot what the names were of what husband and son ordered but they were similarly prepared except that husband had the beef version, son the pork. And garlic coconut rice or coconut garlic rice. Desiccated coconut. Husband had white rice, son black rice. I had the super batchoy. Their orders were like grilled Kuro something pork and beef something.
  • As is my wont, my avoirdupois belies it, I must have consumed just a fifth of the batchoy. But it was good. Son and husband finished their orders. Saw a table that ordered two plates of what looked like pies and asked what these were- kansi empanada served with bagoong gravy. I ate mine without gravy. Okay too.
  • We didn’t order dessert but I got a bottle each of sinamak and ginamos, the Ilonggo version of bagoong. Will give feedback soon as I try them. Tried the ginamos, a tad salty. Has carrots and garlic. I still prefer the bagoong of Food Bin because it has chicharon and is more on the sweet side.

Krispy Kreme – tried its mocha latte. Yummy though it did give me nose not brain freeze. The creme brulee donut wasn’t freshly cooked, I guess, as it was tough. Or maybe it’s the flavor.

Did some shopping and saw lots of coloring books in Fully Booked. So tempting to buy more but I  restrained myself. It had several by Creative Haven among them Creative Cats. Price was P250 each. National Bookstore sells it for P219 but their choices aren’t as plenty. FB though has a paucity of coloring materials, like I just saw Maped pencils. Possibly we didn’t look hard enough.

True Value had several items on sale. So we got shoe racks at P600 off. Restoration PLus (?) the furniture place on R3 had so many nice umbrella holders and while we’re looking out for one to place in the car (they bend otherwise), they cost P6500 up. Son said not worth it, considering we’re just putting them in the car. In the house it would be nice or in a condo.

11 thoughts on “Cafe Batwan and then some

  1. The eggplant and salted egg parang puréed. I don’t know how eggplant was cooked but the consistency was creamy. Kansi empanada was ok – and yesterday, two days later, fit for human consumption pa. The remaining batchoy was a goner 😦

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