Guess who – this host asked her guest when she learned he had taken a course in CCA: how were you able to afford it? Reminded me of a friend who, when she learned we had let our son an exchange program in Europe, exclaimed, “But it costs.” She had a look of pity in her eyes.


Thought of a Japanese themed dinner tonight. Suddenly remembered the kamameshi rice in the resto that goes by the same name. Searched online and found this recipe. Heaven sent. As a comment mentioned finding the recipe too salty, I cut the salt to 1/2 tsp for a third of the entire recipe. Further, as there was no shiitake mushroom in our part of the world today, be it dried or fresh, we used brown mushrooms. Namit.

Was hoping we had a yakiniku marinade as we had frozen beef yakiniku but as HHA couldn’t find any and found yakitori sauce instead, that’s what we had with the kamameshi rice along with some tuna sashimi. For the kamameshi rice, we finally used the dashi son bought in Little Tokyo during one of his forays there. Was so touched he remembered I had been looking for dashi for years.

Incidentally, HHA did not cook the rice in a rice cooker. She likes short cuts…


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