Am now watching the 96th episode of I Love You from Today, a K drama. Each episode runs for 30 plus minutes. Truth to tell, I skipped a few but managed to catch on.  One comment under a certain episode echoed my feelings about the male lead. He’s a loser so one wonders why the female lead has fallen for him. Another man who’s more confident loves her. The male lead who seems rather weak has to contend with his wilful mom.

Another K drama I’m watching I like a lot more. Title is All About My Mom. I actually I’d like to suggest the title should be All About Moms.

The mom of the female lead is quite the overbearing mom. She has three children. the eldest is male, a lawyer whom child #2, a daughter, helped send to school. His thoughts are skewed, largely because all his life his mom has put him atop a pedestal. The series is a good argument for why you shouldn’t spoil your child. His sense of entitlement, his drive to keep up with the Joneses, his thoughts – all so dysfunctional.

The mom of the male lead reminds me of me because she has an only child. She’s more of a cool mom than the other mom so her son is normal, loving and lovable. Oops, I’m not saying we’re similar in that sense too. It’s not for me to say.

This series is more intelligent, more logical than I Love YOu from Today, so why am I even watching ILYFT? Persecution complex? Ennui? A mix of reasons I don’t want to sweat over by overthinking about why really.

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