S&R Redux

I haven’t been to S&R in a really long time. So it felt like I was a kid suddenly brought to a toy store. Well not really, but you get the drift.

For one, several of the products I needed for my psoriasis months ago were there. Among them, the Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo, the Cetaphil cream which I thought wasn’t available here so I got a jar from Amazon (luckily, a nephew brought it to Manila so no freight charges), dry shampoo of Aveeno, humidifier (Crane brand – one was designed like a pig – a pink pig at that. Wilbur, maybe?), vitamins and minerals recommended for psoriasis sufferers.

Then of course there were the cheeses in blocks or quarters, aside from those in slices, Jonesville sausages (cheese, garlic and smoked), Jonesville breakfast sausages, etc. I am not sure whether I’ve tried the brand but my sister swears by it.

Bought a huge box of Pop Tarts (3 favors – 2 boxes of strawberry, one of blueberry, and I forget the last) and Nature’s something’s bars. These in anticipation of the horrendous traffic in the coming weeks. Son may just decide to stay in Makati because an inner street in Loyola Heights leading to our house will be closed. Sigh. Not to mention the rerouting of provincial buses in Blue Ridge on to C-5 from 6 to 9 a.m.

Before doing the grocery we had lunch in Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen along shaw Blvd. in the same building where S&R is. Our timing was just right. Shortly after we arrived, all tables on the ground floor were taken, mostly by families, Chinese families. An indication that it serves authentic CHinese food. And our waitress was so attentive. When I ordered lapu-lapu with mango followed by sweet and sour pork, she shyly pointed out that the sauces are similar. I had an experience in the past (I don’t recall where) where two or three of our orders tasted the same and the waiter didn’t see fit to “warn” us.

TO go back to S&R they now have a few cans of Danish cookies in cans with Christmas themes. Less than P200 per. Not bad.


After S&R, pleaded with the two men in my life to drop by Big Scoop in San Juan. We weren’t familiar with the area, so thank GOd for Waze. Except that the way was fraught with turn left, turn right! So very many such instructions. The ice cream parlor was tiny but there were people coming in and out. We didn’t go down except for husband who did. One half gallon each of strawberry and mocha ice cream. Total cost was under P500 for both. Hooray.

So went our two destinations for today.

Came home to watch the Ateneo-FEU game. Disastrous for the blue school.

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