Where were you when traffic was terrible?

Was at home and could well have snickered, right? But not when son wasn’t home.

Tuesdays are date nights and fine if his date was in Makati or close to his office and studio, but that night, they were off to Roxas Boulevard. The horror.

At around 930 pm he texted (Vibered) that they turned back to RB even as they had begun setting out for Makati. Their companions who had left earlier told them they were stuck in traffic.

So the vigil proceeded. He said they’d wait out the traffic in MOA and I asked, aren’t stores closed by then? Not so the restos in some area nearby.’As I waited for word on his strategy and its execution, I checked the FB status of friends. One friend’s status alarmed me. They had been stuck in Buendia for 2 hours, she said, and later, 4 hours. They got home to Paranaque after 6 hours.

Son, meanwhile, decided to set out at midnight for Makati. Traffic still, he said, and they got to their destination after 2 hours as he predicted, ergo slept after 2 a.m.

I think it was the day after when I saw news that in Europe a court ruled that hours spent going to and from work counted as work hours. Wow, if that law or rule were applied in our neck of the woods, how many companies would end up bankrupt?

AFter the horrible traffic-geddon last Tuesday, I was almost tempted to tell my son to migrate some place where traffic isn’t as awful. Read a twit (tweet?) of Teddy Boy Locsin where he mentioned someone’s passing away in an ambulance due to  traffic.

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