Hodge Podge

A week or so ago, son came to the wrong claiming he heard wailing. He was in his room then and the windows were open. I suggested maybe a couple fought? Path least likely to be tragic, I thought. He said perhaps someone died.

The following day we found out that a man had taken his life nearby and the wailing was of his mother who was expectedly distraught. Sad.


Yesterday, the fire sirens of several fire trucks blared. The fire station is very close to the house. So naturally, I was scared/alarmed as the blare didn’t abate. Had HHB check on the matter and she said the security guard of a building nearby said it was an exercise of sorts. Scary.


Disappointed. Going to a wake later and thought of bringing Mary Grace cheese rolls and brownies. ORdered smaller boxes of the same for us here at home. The brownies were tired and dehydrated. Made two days ago, Sept 12. Lesson learned. never buy brownies for giving away. But how come Goldilocks brownies remain moist and chewy for days?


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