Thought of serving sweet and sour pork but as we had no pork in the freezer and I wanted husband to have something healthy for a change, decided to have HHA prepare sweet and sour fish instead. Got the recipe from here. I  always rely on panlasangpinoy. Never disappoints.

To go with the dish, I had HHA prepare Chinese fried rice with leftover steak from a few days ago.  If I had it heated another time, it might not be eaten which would be a pity as primebeef steak isn’t cheap. Reinvented to grace fried rice, wow, it tasted so good. This concoction was “inspired” by Sumo Sam’s wagyu fried rice.

For dessert I had comfort sweets – half a butong-butong (tira-tira to manilenos) and a teaspoon of kalamayhati (matamis sa bao to Manilenos). How lucky that my sister went to the Negros bazaar in Glorietta and asked what I wanted. I had her buy the following: Manapla puto and puto pao of Quan, dulce gatas, kalamay hati. The butong-butong was the bonus. And she didn’t charge me a centavo.

Lucky me. The butong-butong and kalamay hati were soooooo goooooood.

The bazaar runs until wait, I’ll check. The 20th.

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