My SK stash from son

Son attended a conference in South Korea in an area far from Seoul, ergo scant shops around.

He bought candies and cookies for the family and for me, these:

One set of markers is called popcorn. It is supposed to bulge when a hair dryer is used on it. Looking forward to trying it out, and the rest as well.

The wallet had s price tag: $12 U.S. It is made of fabric and has a Velcro strip to close it in front.

See the box that says MEBO? When Hhb learned son was in SK she suggested having him go in search of it. This was all he found in lotte supermarket. None in the Incheon airport pharmacy.

Glad to have son back safe.

A mother will always worry when her child leaves and be ecstatic when he’s back. 

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