Guess who?

Watched Karen Davila’s show on ANC recently. Her guest was a  senator(?)/former mayor, the son of a former president. Each time Karen would suggest a way of addressing the traffic problem, he’d say, “But that will be an unpopular decision.” Ergo, the criterion for a decision to be made is popularity? Even if it doesn’t work? That’s so sad.


She’s known for endlessly, she’s such a reader. But once I caught her talking about the economy. Whoa!


This show has the host with lady guests. So they talk about love, relations and the like. Even as their male guests, usually a chef or resto manager, patiently sitting things out or standing. I don’t see the point because they aren’t made to join the discussion. Sometimes, they do laugh or smile at some of the things said, but wouldn’t it be kinder if they left the set instead?

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