I think it was in high school when I first had a manicure and a pedicure done professionally. Like any young girl, I had painted my nails with water color prior.

Having a manicure and a pedicure were treats I looked forward to. In my hometown was this lady, Gloria, who would come to do the house to do our nails. Sometimes I would have them painted, originally in pastel hues, later when I was teaching in really dark ones. Note, dark, not bright. They felt and looked so clean.

Fast forward to the months after psoriasis set in. I read up quite a bit and realized there’s such a thing as nail psoriasis. It took a while before I mustered the guts to look at photos online. There are really bad cases, there are cases that can be “covered” with nail polish. That’s what’s up with my nails.

As early as years back, I saw vertical lines on my thumb nails and wondered what they were about. A few months ago, I pointed it out to Perla who buffed it. Years back, I noticed how my ring fingers always had hang nails and an occasional infection.

Then, like I said, I googled and saw that the different nails on my fingers had various manifestations: ridges, pits, etc. Very depressing to look at, occasionally so at one point I asked my derma classmate what I can do with them. She said to cover them with  plastic wrap after putting Dermovate. I decided to send a photo of my nails, she said they don’t look bad, don’t medicate. I gave a whoop of joy.

My nails still aren’t in the best shape, they’re not “normal”. One has a whitish area toward the tip, some have thickening along the edge. But I’ll live, I think.

Haven’t had a manicure or pedicure in months because I read that one shouldn’t remove cuticles. One shouldn’t push the nail bed. STuff like those. One shouldn’t even subject one’s nails to an emery board’s mercy. One should always cut one’s nails short.

I’m not taking any risks with my nails. They just have to survive on my uneven cutting of them in terms of length and shape.

Lessons learned. that’s why I’ve decided to do this post on nails.

No pictures though. No pictures. Google the possibilities.


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