A filipino lunch

Not homemade except for the garlic rice, but food ordered from Crisostomo in UP Town Center. Son picked it up and was made to sign something he thought was a waiver of sorts re food quality. I had said food would be picked up at 11:20, son got there nearly 12 noon. He was told the crispy pata might no longer be crisp and so, thus warned, we had HHA bake the skin of half the pata. Why half? So that for dinner we’d still have skin. Other items ordered were gising-gising and baby squid cooked in olive oil. Yes, the very same stuff I order from Abe’s.

So why not Abe’s? I tried. But 8787878 said only Abe’s in MOA can be delivered from. That’s the other side of the world.

Comparison: Still Abe’s for me taste wise. The gising-gising of C though has the advantage of having more shrimps. The cut of the baguio beans is a bit tinier so they look more limp. the baby squid was chewy, so in this sense Gerry’s Grill’s baby squids and Abe’s surpass C’s.

The pata – I still recall Cafe Adriatico’s and dream of it. It had lots of garlic for one.

But C is not bad at all, and likely, if we have a craving for Filipino food, C will be it. Though Gerry’s Grill poses a strong alternative.

For dinner, we had  rechauffe courtesy of C. And then some: tanigue kilawin courtesy of HHA.

No, I didn’t watch LUNA ergo it wasn’t a sense of nationalism that prompted our meals today (oh, for breakfast we had bangus belly and egg omelette cooked with onions and tomato).

And nationalism? I’m having mooncake for dessert. Tempted to finish the entire cake but feel guilty about over indulging. Thing is it is so soft and fresh…

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