Don’t Hesitate – K drama

I was waiting for Episode 11 of All About Mom after watching Episode 10, ergo I had a week long wait. What to do? Find other series with Lee Sang Woo of All About. He is an actor I like.

So I searched and found Don’t Hesitate. As I began watching, I realized I had watched it before. But I was almost sure I hadn’t finished doing so for reasons no longer remembered. Was it because I was watching so many that time so that I forgot to go back? Was it because of the plot? A distinct possibility given how many evil people walked the series. Was it the series’ length? All of 98 one-hour episodes. Kidding. Roughly 40-minute episodes.

So I watched, and watched, and watched. I’m now on the 74th and remain clueless re how this will be resolved as the main lead has turned vindictive, ergo bad. But she still looks sweet. She has a vengeful plot for each of the 3 characters who have wronged her. No, make that plots for each. Why more than one? The 3 are so strong they can’t be beat in one blow. And she has loads of axes to grind.

SO why am I still watching?

I do want to see how this will end. Happily ever after? more reprisals?

2 thoughts on “Don’t Hesitate – K drama

  1. I always return to your blog to check out possible Korean drama for my list. 🙂 I checked Don’t Hesitate… “dyosko, 98 episodes… i died” Hahaha I think I can only last for a max of 25. The longest I watched was Jewel in the Palace and Meteor Garden (the original Taiwanese version).

    I recently finished Kim Tae Hee’s Forbidden Love / Nine Tailed Fox. I’m not sure if you still remember my previous comment about watching heavy drama series. The drama was great, except that it was too heavy and emotional for me. Hahahaha I ended feeling sad and exhausted as well. It was a very sad series. But it wasn’t bad. Blame my hormones. 🙂 I’m currently in the look for some lighter drama series, romantic comedy I guess. I need to detoxify haha

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