Growing up with a mother who loved Filipino movies

and a yaya who did too made me prefer FIlipino movies to American ones. So while my classmates in high school knew American actors and actresses, I knew Elizabeth Oropesa, Eva Reyes, the Stars of ’66 (Blanca Gomez, Rosemarie, Ricky Belmonte, Pepito Rodriguez) and Banda 24 stars Helen Gamboa and Jackie Belmonte (my forever crush then). I think there was a Joseph Gallego also.

In college I wrote a paper re this phenomenon and our British teacher let me read it to the class. For the topic more than the style and grammar, I think.

It’s difficult to teach an old dog new tricks and while comparing local TV shows in Channel 2 with those in Channel 7 isn’t exactly reflective of my propensity in my youth (Filipino rather than American movies), it does in a sense show how I sometimes take the road less traveled in terms of the people who mostly associate with who prefer Channel 2 productions to Channel 7 ones, family members included.

This explains why I didn’t tag my sisters when I posted the link to a TVC (TV commercial) directed by a grandson (I’m only turning 60 and so are his parents) because it features Yayadub and Lola Nidora. Who they, some of you might ask. If you don’t follow Eat Bulaga’s kalyeserye, your cluelessness is understandable. And my sisters and their children are similarly unaware of the series and its characters, so they might say what’s so great about the TVC, right? Two relatives had varied reactions re the series, in fact.

Yesterday was Pabebe Wave Day. A niece posted the question asking what that was all about in her FB timeline. Her cousin said she was not the niche market of that so she didn’t have to know. So many negative comments re AlDub, Yayadub, EB particularly Joey de Leon who’s the most intellectual among the lot and is possibly responsible for the ideas that keep the show popular. They mention the series’ lowering IQs, a waste of time, etc. But really, if you watch it with an open mind, likely after the show ends, you’ll smile when you recall Jose’s gyrations to Mambo something, Paolo Ballesteros’s ugly facial expressions (cute in a truly ugly way), Alden’s dimples and “God Gave me You” singing, Yaya Dub’s funny looks, Lola Nidora’s voice. Sometimes I think I even talk like him/her.

No less than the CBCP has commended the kalye series and for very serious reasons – its promoting virtue, for one. I’m not kidding.

No, I haven’t watched LUNA, my son has. My attention span cannot take movies that long.  Weird considering how many episodes of K dramas I watch? Not really. Usually within a 40 minute episode, I take many breaks: I color, I play Candy Crush, check my mail, read FB posts, etc.

So growing up with a mother who loved FIlipino movies and a yaya with whom I watched Aninong Gumagalaw Monday nights … is a possible explanation as to why I watch what I watch. Channel 2’s shows are too Westernized(?) for my taste. They hardly touch my Filipino-ness, my pagkamasa – seeking laughs without duress, being one with the rest in the streets.

PS: Just saw this article. Whether the kalyeseries had intended these ends, who knows?


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