Yesterday, husband brought a kilo each of lanzones and very red and round grapes. A man delivers different kinds of fruits at his workplace and I’m glad. Gladder still that husband buys lanzones for me as I haven’t gone out yet.

Lanzones is always a hit and miss purchase. I learned this in my youth.  Sometimes we’d sit around the table and consume platitos of lanzones. A sister tells me I once had a convulsion after eating a lot and tripping. Not a medically established finding so that didn’t stop me from gorging on lanzones.

Fast forward to my years in Manila. Fruits here are so much more expensive than in Negros and given that the sweetness of lanzones is iffy, I hardly buy or when I do, I get the Thai one, rationalizing that once in a while, I ought to splurge. The Thai lanzones are always a sure thing. Years back, son got kilos of them from a client and I happily ate them away as no one else in my small family cares about them.

An aside: years ago, I went to the wake of a friend’s father. Joining us at the table was one of her friends, now a presidentiable. I just ate lanzones  as though there were no VIP on the table with me. That lanzones, I recall, had tinges of sweetness and a little sourness but they were young ones and I was okay with them. I did restrain myself from eating as much as I wanted because  I guess subconsciously, I did feel I had to mind my manners.

Of late I have been eating lanzones courtesy of my sister and husband that taste more like lychees than real lanzones. My teeth cannot bite through the flesh well so I just eat the periphery. A lot of flesh wasted there.

But yesterday’s lanzones was oh so good. You know that feeling where the sides of your upper and lawyer jaw almost hurt from the sweetness? That feeling. Sigh. I have yet the finish the bunch but I hope all succeeding purchases are as good.


This morning a small bowl of red grapes was put on my table. I was skeptical because while they were really red, they were round. I shouldn’t have been fearful. Very good and sweet too.

Picture sent by husband after he bought the fruits:

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.10.39


You might wonder why I entitled this post “Food” when all I have been writing about are fruits.

Son bought chicharon for me a few days ago. R Lapid’s outside S&R. It came with vinegar which was different from Lapid’s but son said TU’KA tasted better.

I looked at our bottle of TU’KA husband bought months back and realized only a third was left.

Googled and realized they have several resellers, one of them Lola Idang’s in White Plains.

I’ve only tried LI’s pancit malabon and saw in their menu that they also have other fare. WOuld have wanted to get more TU’KA (one bottle left), minimum delivery is P350 (or  P300) and so I added dinuguan, lumpiang shanghai and puto.

Looking forward to trying out LI fare as the prices are so reasonable. All those I mentioned cost only P355!

12 thoughts on “Food

  1. speaking about lanzones, I used to think that Camiguin lanzones are the best. Today I got a kilo of which I think is by far the best, the vendor said it is longkong (not sure if that is really its name) from Davao. There’s a lot of lanzones now from Laguna & the duco variety which is also sweet.

  2. May nabili ako last week na lanzones, imported daw, 150/kg (local varieties cost 50/kg, max na ang 70). Masarap naman, and matamis lahat, but there’s a taste na hinahanap-hanap ko. It’s one of my most favorite fruits. Sinasabihan ko nga si D na 1/2 kg lang, kasi kaya kong ubusin in one seating (ako lang ang kumakain sa bahay). Okay, I will admit it: I’m patay-gutom pag lanzones. Hahahaha!

    Nakita ko yung comment re “Mauutal ka ta talap” — it’s so funny! I really appreciate good ads and taglines. 🙂

  3. Ang sarap ng lanzones. Nag crave ako after reading ur post. I also love the tuka. It is produced by my friend’s friend. Ang buyline ng Tuka ay: “Mauutal ka ta talap”…

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