Good Service and Poor Service, and then some.

Let’s start with good service. Superior in fact.

Kimpura in Trinoma. There is always one smiling, welcoming face that greets us. Raquel’s who was formerly with Greenhills. She’s now manager in the Trinoma branch and well deserves it.

She saw my son grow. Even before my son could sit by himself in Kimpura, we had gone to the Greenhills branch for some meals. And they never disappointed. There was one waiter there who’d give my son a double scoop of ice cream when he was assigned to our table. The maitre d who rose from the ranks would always greet us with a smile using our family names, make recommendations, etc.

Raquel was no different. She remembered my son’s name even.  And after we placed our orders, she came back because my son’s order (srirachi or something) already came with rice and my son had ordered fried rice as well. So son asked for srirachi without rice and Raquel nodded in approval. And as I told her it was son’s advanced birthday celebration, she had him served coffee jelly, asking if we wanted a candle lit and some singing. Son vehemently shook his head.

As we were about to leave, Raquel mentioned how happy she was whenever she’d see her old customers in Greenhills at the Trinoma branch. The feeling is decidedly mutual.


Poor service – this isn’t the first time. We are a family of 3, we order different things in McDo. The sandwiches are adequately labeled. So are the meals. I’m sure you’ve seen the box below:


There are four notches one of which must be depressed to indicate what’s inside the box. Great.

But not so hot chocolate and coffee drinks. I don’t take coffee, the two men do. SO I order hot chocolate. And it’s always a guessing game. Fine if we eat at the same time but today we didn’t.

I called McDo to ask if they have any markings to distinguish between the two drinks as they do between diet and regular drinks. The one who took my call apparently didn’t know, I asked to talk to his manager. She admitted they don’t do anything of the sort. So how? Smell the product. But if you’re in a rush and you don’t want to open the cup yet, which you need to do to smell, then what?

Such a small detail and they can’t even address it?

Bummer, Mc Do.

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