Odds and Ends

Son attended a conference in Korea a few weeks back. The other day, he suddenly had a light bulb moment: he remembered that he had two booklets that would be of interest to me from the kit they were given. These:

IMG_5288 FullSizeRender (7)

The first booklet describes Korean cuisine, no recipes there. The second has detailed recipes that one could cook easily if one had the ingredients.

These inclusions in the seminar kit made me admire Korean pride in their culture and their way of showing it.

What do Filipino conference kits for foreign guests contain, I wonder?


The Blue School had two important games yesterday, but husband conceded to just “watching” the volleyball game via streaming so we could lunch out. I guess so it would be fair, son announced that the basketball game against LA Salle would be at 3 pm so we just went to one store after lunch. The choice: Power Books. Why? It was on the third floor of Trinoma so we saw it before we could reach the elevator. Plus there were coloring books on display. Not that I was thinking of getting for myself but for the mom of a friend who has been thinking of coloring after seeing my FB posts of pages I’ve colored.

Wow, the choice of coloring books was daunting. Had I been younger, I might have been unable to restrain myself from getting several. Instead I got just one for her and one for son (Japanese themed) in case he wants to color anytime. Problem was choosing coloring materials.

Most of those available were Maped and Crayola brands. Ergo no markers for adults, no Stabilo, no Staedtler. Left with no choice, I just got her Maped coloring pencils. Markers or pens would have been so much nicer. But I like the coloring book I got her:

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 07.15.10

I think it suits her as she’s so elegant and beautiful at 80 something. Have never seen her looking frumpy. She it was who upon seeing my son and me about to enter our driveway stopped the car where she was riding to say hello and say, “Ang itim-itim mo” to me because back then I’d walk son to nursery school and pick him up again after. I didn’t mind her saying so, I was amused no end. She it was too who told me when I went to her son’s wake on the second day that she was looking for me on the first day and told her son (our friend), “baka di niya pa alam kaya wala dito si M*** A*?” Back when her son was abroad, she and her husband brought over bibingka for us one Christmas. Proudly Ilocano bibingka. So this coloring book…


Things salty. I don’t like them too much. So when I buy kiamoy, I appreciate the tikim. I only eat Lay’s barbecue and most junk foods if there is something sweet I’m eating, to neutralize the sweetness, I guess? A trait developed when I was in grade school and high school in the province where I’d ask to be bought barbecue na saba – the more overripe, the better and salted peanuts.

A few weeks ago, I had HHB buy Libby’s sausage in Rustan’s. She came back with Purefoods, saying there was no LIbby’s. Benefit of the doubt. A few days ago, HHA cooked the Purefoods sausage and I couldn’t finish even one piece. So very salty.

So really, the difference isn’t that great price wise, if you are averse to salty breakfast food, get Libby’s in the blue can. I don’t like their chicken sausage has it has a hint of ginger…

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