Ordered the following from Recovery Food. HHA has dysmenorrhea.

The orders: lecheng kawali, Dr. Sisig, two orders of ginataan, and an order of banana turon.

HHB picked up the orders. There were 3 receptacles of sauces. I guess because Cibo provides 3 types of sauce for its porchetta, I thought the three that came with the RF orders were for me. Yep, the lecheng kawali was my order.

To be sure, I called RF and was told the mayo was for the sisig, the Mang Tomas looking sauce for the sisig and the sweetish sauce for the turon. So reminiscent of my McDo experience which I blogged about earlier – how to distinguish between  hot chocolate and coffee.

Expectedly, I asked the one who took my call to please label the sauces next time. Hadn’t I asked, I’d have eaten lecheng kawali with panocha (or was it condensed milk) sauce.

Pity I don’t recall which restos have taken pains to label everything they send. But I know I blogged about them previously.

Thank you for thoughtful restos that bother when it comes to take out and delivered orders.

Much appreciated.

Back to RF food:

the lechon kawali was crisp but a bit tough. Made me remember how I broke a tooth when I ate lechon kawali in one of my hospital confinements.

The sisig was okay.

The guinataan had lots of langka sliced like mangoes. Very evident so I successfully avoided them. The turon had langka according to the cashier but happily, I didn’t notice as I ate the 2.5 pieces with the sweetish sauce.


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