Such an eventful day and it’s but 13:01:58

Today is the birthday of HHB. I forgot to tell son and husband. Son might not go home tonight so he’ll just have to greet her tomorrow.

At 9:11, I ordered ube roll from RR as it’s HHB’s favorite. For myself I ordered chicken empanada and polvoron.

At 10:45 there was no sign of my orders so I called RR. Was told it had been dispatched. I said how long should delivery be? An hour, I was told. Peeved, I canceled the order. But it still came at 11;30, we didn’t take it. The girl said the order had been dispatched at 10:00 which should have been the time I  ought to have received it.

I felt guilty about the cancellation but I’d like to think it’s my right as a consumer to have certain expectations which the store itself sets.


So I ordered  from Shoppersville. But the guy who took my call was so aloof. The cake on hand was from yesterday, the new would arrive at noon. So I asked for one to be reserved, smaller than what was available and fresher.

Then I thought of Cake2Go and realized they have ube cake. SO I ordered. They said delivery would be at 1 pm still, I conceded. Unlike RR, C2G offered to write a dedication on the cake and to send a candle even. The cake arrived before 1 pm.

Meanwhile I called Shoppersville and canceled my ordered. Not to worry as they refuse to write the dedication until you’re there to pick it up anyway. Whew. The man who took my call sounded less surly.


Two boxes of pizza, fries from KFC and drinks are waiting on the table now – HHB’s birthday treat for us. No appetite for them yet but will partake of the feast when husband arrives. Son will not be home tonight. Oh, I said that already.


OKay the above enumeration might seem like mundane events but there were other intervening ones.

a. Got a call from Johnny Air which asked if I wanted my package delivered. I wasn’t expecting any so I asked the lady what was in the package. She said “Medicine”. What? the last of my Amazon orders when I was desperately looking for MEBO had all been accounted for, including the MEBO.

I wondered whether a cousin who was aware I was looking for MEBO had sent it. I still am wondering. But I hardly think she is the type who will ask me to pay for freight charges. If I ask her, she might think I”m expecting. Do I ask the seller? But how do I pay for this?

Questions, questions.

b. Event 2: After the two HHs had gone out to pay JAC, Food Bin and C2G, I tried calling them. No one was coming in.

Then HHB did. She said HHA and the “manager” of the boarding house were talking about the poisoning of our dogs last summer. Not an established fact but a possibility.

HHA then came in and she was so angry. Manager had so many complaints. C, you want to lawyer?

a. Ringo the lab cum Golden Retriever, she said barks and wakes her up. In the past, she had told her previous boss as much and they raised the matter with us. I can’t recall how that was resolved, but I think they let the issue rest when once, a man jumped on to our roof, then theirs, then the resto beside and the dogs raised a ruckus. Grateful? Quietly so?

b.The honking of car horns late at night. Huh, not guilty at all. Our son without our telling him texts or calls when he comes home late because he doesn’t want to disturb the neighbors. So HHA told MGR that the beeping/honking could be by other vehicles that use our street.

c. Livid, HHA told MGR that we lost 5 dogs last summer and she suspects they were poisoned by someone whom they irked. MGR was quick to say she wouldn’t do that though she said she almost dumped a pail of water on RIngo when he was so noisy one night.

Ringo is not a barker for no reason. He barks either because he sees a cat, a rat, a snail or people in front of our gate.

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